Amazing Pie-Shaped Date Cookies

Amazing Pie-Shaped Date Cookies

Special Appearances

Looking forward to a new Season!

North Union Farmers's Market

Westlake OH

Appearances for 2024 season:

5/4,  5/18,  6/1,  6/15,  6/29,  7/13, 7/27,

8/10,  8/24, 9/7, 9/21, 10/5, 10/19




The Date Cookie

A Tradition Continued


"The Date Cookie" originated from my maternal grandmother, Marie. The recipe was passed down through the generations. I became the official date cookie baker in the family over 20 years ago. 

Year after year I was told I should sell these amazing little pie shaped cookies because they are so unique and yet so nostalgic.

The way people choose to eat the cookie is unique as well. Some prefer to eat them warm by microwaving them for a few seconds. Some prefer to eat them straight from the freezer. You can dunk them in your favorite beverage or decide to eat around the edges and save the dates for the last delectable bite. 

The dough is slightly sweet, while the dates are soft and  jam-like. You'll savor every bite of this old fashioned tradition that has been in our family for over 80 years!




Those cookies!  OMG…  Amazing!  I ordered them and they arrived in this beautiful packaging perfect for gift giving, but I couldn’t resist them and had them all to myself.  I’ll be ordering more for the holiday season, hopefully I’ll be able to resist them.


I tried Kim’s date cookies and was immediately hooked.  This cookie is different than any other cookie I’ve ever had.  It’s a “sit down with a cup of coffee” type cookie.  I enjoyed each and every sweet and savory bite!  I’ll be a regular customer from here on out.


As I savor my daily ration from my date cookie stack, I just needed to send you a note to say WAY TO GO!  Those cookies are wonderful!  Though I did share two out of the tall stack, that’s it , no more sharing from me.  What a great recipe and I cannot wait to get more!


This has made my morning!! My girlfriend and I bought a little 6 pack and are OBSESSED!